The Mullet Era December 08 2020

The Mullet Era


Before you dive too deep into this, if you know me dive in. If you don’t you should know that I don’t actually think this highly of myself to write a blog about a haircut. But I do think it has quite the story that could possibly deliver a few laughs and that’s what we are all in need of right now.


Back in the spring of 2017 when I finished my masters and my time was done with the JSU baseball team I thought it would be funny to grow my hair into a mullet. We typically went to the Talladega race twice a year but working in college baseball often lead to me only being able to go to the fall race. I had started my mullet journey, I decided that the spring race in 2018 would be when it fully made its debut. Earlier that year in February, I took a job with the Braves. I started thinking that I wouldn’t even make the race with how much we started working. Luckily that wasn’t the case and we were able to make the trip. I called Lyndzee Buckelew who was the only person to cut my hair for the longest time. She is the Dega queen. We couldn’t really meet up often with me living in Atlanta and she in Jacksonville. I had a bright Idea because I knew that she would be at the race. She and a crew are always in the infield, I got her to bring her gear to the track and sure enough. The mullet made its debut on the infield of the spring race at Talladega Superspeedway. Remember this whole thing started as a joke, initially I had planned to cut it off right after the race. Walking around the track and just being in that ‘Dega environment for the weekend had a lot of people complimenting the flow! We enjoy our stay and make it back to Atlanta and we are getting ready for another round of games. I haven’t cut my hair and I was worried someone within the organization would be less partial and want me to get rid of it. Quite the opposite actually. It was embraced by many and the people around the ballpark loved it. I started making connections or even just being recognized as “the Mullet” or “the guy with the mullet’’. Me being who I am and not backing away from attention, willing to make friends with anyone I cross paths with decided I would keep it. Several guys within the league would make comments and me being so green, I just thought it was cool. It helped me realize that a lot of people take life too seriously. It allowed me to laugh at myself more (and allow others to laugh at me as well). It was truly just a great ice breaker because people would literally just take a look at me and know that I had a sense of humor and they could joke around with me. I’ve signed baseballs, photos, and several other things. It was something that started out to be funny but then kind of became who I was. It even made me some money. I’ve sold a great amount of t-shirts with that logo. Most of you who care enough to read this will probably remember the time I went to get my hair trimmed and the lady just took most of it off. I jokingly made an apology to the social media universe. I made a promise to bring it back better than ever and with the help of Brian Smith (with Van Michael in the battery, hit him up) helped bring it back. It took a lot of patience to grow that mane so if you’re trying at home just don’t give up and let it flow. As to why? I thought it was time. This year we call 2020 has been such a shit show, I figured why not end it with a bang. I decided it was time to let it go. I made the appointment for Saturday and kept the secret to myself. I thought it would be fun to have our Christmas party and do our Christmas card with a new look. We decided to get a video reaction of a good bit of people who I had enough time to get cameras ready etc. I find it quite amusing and I hope you all do too!



To the end of an era. RIP my friend, you were good to me!






The "Logo"


"The apology"


"The Debut"