Dub Suds! October 03 2019

Dub Suds


October baseball is something I grew up loving. There is nothing better than baseball in October and being a small (very small) part of it is still a very mind blowing thing to me. As I sit here after what feels like a long week and realize its only Wednesday, anxiously waiting the start of the NLDS. I have been organizing and folding t-shirts of which many of you beautiful people have purchased (thank you!). I realize that many of you have no idea what in the hell a “Dub Sud” is, after a long season it is time I tell the story.


Opening weekend, the Braves went to Philly and got swept. 0-3 to start the year, everyone picked the team to get 4th in the division after winning the year before. Blah blah blah. The home opener rolls around on April 1st against the Cubs my good friend Drew Lindsey had tickets to opening day, I live walking distance to the stadium so I let him park at my place. The Braves win 8-0. Beautiful stuff, right? Drew text me and told me that he had left a present for me, knowing my friends I knew there was whiskey or beer involved. As I get home I open the fridge on the back porch and see a case of Budweiser. Looking at the case I think “well it has been a long day, a cold beer would a nice exclamation point on a successful home opener.” so I did what anyone would do in that situation after a 16-hour day, I grabbed a beer and drank it! As I’m drinking it I get this idea to post it to my Instagram Story and I call it “victory beer”, I post a song with it, laughed to myself, and went to bed to do it all again the next day.


If any of you know me you know I am very superstitious about sports, especially baseball. So the Braves win the next night and I repeat the beer, IG story, the whole thing. We end up going 5/6 that week and I decided until further notice we would be doing victory beers. One night I had a couple and the creatives were flowing around my brain. I typed “Dub Suds” as a nice abbreviated version of my victory beers. I soon thought that it would get on everyone’s nerves. But the more I went around certain people would tell me they loved it which kind of blew my mind.


It has gotten to a point where select players from across the league have told me how much they love it and they crack up seeing the posts. Even if some of them have been on opposing teams and had a little fun with it themselves. It’s a movement and I am glad you are part of it.


I know that was a little long winded if you stayed around this long, it’s appreciated. May we have several more Dub Suds this year because they are only going to get sweeter the farther into October we get.


Cheers my people!



Kaleb Cargal