Pat McAfee October 18 2019

I started listening to The Pat McAfee show back when it first started in 2017. I had just finished my masters and my final baseball season working with Jacksonville State University came to an end. I took a part time job with Atlanta United. I kept my house in Jacksonville through December thinking I’d move back and get a job within the Athletic department but that’s a story for another time. I was living back home in Bremen, Ga which is about a 50 mile commute but if you know anything about Atlanta traffic it could take anywhere from an hour to two hours to get from door to door.


With all that being said, Pat and the Heartland Crew and myself have all spent a good amount of time together. I mean they have no clue who in the hell I am but my ears have been appreciating them for a couple years now so that’s basically the same thing. While at Barstool they had a XM show and I bought a subscription just to listen them when I was working on the fields at United. I was probably listening to 18 hours or so a week of these guys. I remember thinking about calling into the show once I took the job with the Braves where there’s not much headphone use so I could apologize for my lack of listening, had to stick to the podcast only. My commute went from an hour or two drive to a 10 minute walk. So that’s all I had time for on a 15/16 hour work day. But the apology was just the joke I was hoping to spark some interest. Because the real reason I wanted to call was this.


If you know me you know that I love life and I love when everyone around has a great time. Pat helped me out with the whole quality of life thing. His outlook on life is something that this world needs more of. He’s a fucking genius. He always says “you’re alive but are you living?” A lot of people need to read that quote a couple times because everyone’s life is full of bullshit and I think it’s all how you handle it. If you want to be a grumpy fuck because you’re down on luck then do it but that shit ain’t for me. I want everyone to be happy. I want everyone to be successful. I want everyone to be rich. I want everyone to enjoy life and do whatever it is that makes your days worth waking up for. I’ve always had that but I think Pat kinda helped open up the thinker some and for that I’m thankful for his outlook.


This has been a little long winded, I get it but I wanted to paint a little picture of why I have spent the amount of time I have listening to a former punter from Pittsburgh who now resides in Indianapolis living a great life.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering why in the hell I wrote a blog about someone I’ve never met before or why this is out of left field and it’s because I never made that call but I am sending this to their office along with some other things I think will bring some laughs. Pat probably tossed this out after he saw the length but I figured someone out here might enjoy reading this.


Cheers Cuzzies


Kaleb Cargal