Crosswalk Talks February 04 2020

Crosswalk Talks

Today as I made my commute home from work (by foot because I walk to work) I soon realized that today was far less entertaining than my walk home yesterday after work, here is why.


Yesterday I was walking home from work, I’m talking on the phone to a close friend, headphones in. Yes, they have a cord attached because I’m not boujee enough for these rich people AirPods. I get to the crosswalk and I look both ways to see if any traffic is coming. If there would have been a car at the stop sign I would have waved them on. That’s just the type of guy that I am. I was in no rush, unlike the rest of these people around here seem to be. And for what? To sit in more traffic? Be my guest!


I’m a little over halfway and I realize there is a black Camaro (very nice ride) coming at me and I being the athlete that I am, take a quick step back. And if you know me at all you know that I wear my emotions directly on my face. I immediately just shake my head and throw my arms up in disbelief of what just happened. He then passes me and stops a short distance ahead, he rolls the passenger side window down, yells at me and says “Yo, you got something to say?” and this might be where I went wrong but I definitely do not take it back. Out of my smartass mouth, I replied “Well I was in the middle of the crosswalk so other than having the right of way, I think that’s it.” He literally just replied “fuck a crosswalk” so obviously I laugh at that and reply with a “well alrighty then, next time just hit me, I don’t know?”


Keep in mind that I am on the phone still and lets also not forget that I am the one who was almost a hood ornament to a very nice, new Chevy Camaro. He starts to pull off and I start talking to my friend again still in disbelief “What in the hell just happened? That was interesting.” I guess this loser thinks I’m talking to him so he stops again and says “You want to keep talking?” I’m behind him at this point and I can see in the mirror something black and shiny. I don’t believe it was a water gun. But I stood there and just replied “I mean its really not that big of a deal, I can just wait this out, I don’t care.” My first thought was if he gets out of this car and gets close enough, I’m just going to break his nose. Next question. If that’s what I think it is, no way he uses it and if so I don’t think it would be used but I’m not really willing to find out. Luckily he drove off and now we’re here with just another story to add to this wild life that I live.



No one was harmed in the making of this blog or in the events leading up to this blog.