My next 30 years November 09 2020

I started writing a journal to keep track of a lot of this life that can sometimes get lost in the cracks. My original plan was to keep them all to myself but I decided that I wanted to share this one with you. Everyone struggles in life and most of us are too proud to admit defeat or that we’re down sometimes. I thought there might be some people who would enjoy this and if nothing else if you are reading this I want to say thank you! Thank you for supporting me!


As I sit here in the last moments of my twenties. I can’t help but be reminded of all the fun I have had during each decade. I’m reminded of all the wonderful people who have come into my life and those who have let me be apart of theirs. I’m reminded of all the opportunities and just altogether the awesome shit that I have been apart of. I owe everything to God and I know that he has much bigger plans for me in the future, I am very excited to see what he has in store. Thirty years on this earth and I am still learning every single day. Learning about life, learning about others, learning about the world, and more importantly I’m learning more about myself. I have been given a great family, I have been blessed with such a great group of friends. I often joke about how I have too many but that simply isn’t true. There are so many great people behind me and I am grateful beyond measure for all of you! For the longest time I thought I’d be gone from this earth before I ever reached this milestone of thirty, to tell the truth there are a few instances where that should probably be true. There have been some close calls for sure, but God decided he is not done with me, not yet. Seeing thirty is a pretty surreal moment, I remember when that was old but here I am and I still feel very young. To me my birthday has always been just another day and that remains true now it just feels a little different this go round. It’s strange looking back at my past. Where I’ve gone. What all I’ve done. Where I have come from. All of that just to realize that I have so much more ahead of me, much more to do, much more to see, and a great amount more to accomplish. I mentioned earlier how I am still learning about myself. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’ve done a little bit in my notes here and there but I’m going to really make an effort to put more of my life on paper. I want to be able to keep better track of who I am and how I handled certain situations. I keep too much in sometimes and I feel that writing is a great avenue for me to express myself without involving anyone else. My goal for 30 and beyond is to be the best fucking me that I can be. I want to look back and say without a doubt that I fucking crushed this life and I gave it everything I had, even if I come up short because that’s life and that happens. I am excited for this next step of life. I need to hold myself more accountable.


Its been one hell of a ride thus far. Let’s keep it moving!