Float your Boat - Quality of Life January 27 2018

I’m not writing this to brag about myself in any way, shape, or form. I felt the need to share this with some people, and I hope you enjoy the words you are about to read, while I take your mind on a roller coaster ride for a couple of minutes.


For years, people have reached out to me, whether it’s by phone or by coming up to me when I’m out, and tell me “You are always having fun,” or my personal favorite has been, “You have more fun than anyone I know.” My good buddy, Derrick Stroup, (stand up comedian out in Denver. Look him up - you won’t be disappointed.) told me when I graduated with my Bachelor’s that he wasn’t sure if anyone had ever had as much fun in college as I. I have always enjoyed hearing these type of things because I love to have a good time, and it’s a goal of mine to make sure everyone around me is having a great time, too, no matter the age or personality.


Someone reached out to me the other day and told me that they liked me being around because of the positivity I bring to every situation, good or bad, and that I helped make them look at life differently. She said “Even when things suck, you find the good and extrapolate it, and that is the key. I strive to be more like that daily.” This hit me deeply, and I think it is the greatest thing anyone has ever said about me, to me.


I have always enjoyed laughing, but I honestly think that going through my past and trying to please others and the people in their lives, instead of just focusing on what makes me happier with my quality of life, has really opened my mind up, and I've really just enjoyed life so much more over the past year than I have in my recent past. I used to get really stressed about things. I look at them now and just wonder “What in the hell were you thinking?” I don't really get stressed anymore like I did back then; I just say, “Fuck it,” and roll with the punches because life can be a bitch. That’s just the cold, hard truth, but God puts us through things and brings us out. His timing is perfect. It is all about how you handle these situations. When you’re going through dark times, you have to realize there is brightness on the other side. Just be patient! I’m not saying I never have a negative thought - that would be a huge lie. I just choose to stand on the positive side of life as often as I can. When I get negative thoughts, a couple minutes later I think to myself “Why? What’s the point? Why do I even care?” You have to live and enjoy what you’ve got because life is short and sweet for certain (little DMB line for ya).


This world needs more positivity in it. Something I've done more of is just complimenting people. It's simple. You have no idea how far it goes or how it can change their outlook. I'm not in a bad place like a lot of the world, and I'm very grateful for that, but we should all strive to be better. Better for ourselves and better for the people around us. When you start laughing more and wanting everyone to be successful, that's when you'll see a change in yourself. Your quality of life is just so much better when you enjoy everyone else’s successes and happiness. Push people to be great. Want them to succeed. Life is awesome, and the world is huge. There's room for everyone to be successful. Let's all just live life together.


You’re the captain of your own boat. You decide how to drive through the storm or calm waters. The common saying “whatever floats your boat” is relevant in all of this because you decide how you handle these situations. Float your boat, and have a good time on the water!