Harbour Traditions News Report November 14 2013

We are currently working on several different items that we hope you enjoy as much as we do. We should have our logo out in the next week, our first Harbour Traditions shirt, and many more Harbour Traditions main line items. We will be releasing our Dawg Pride collection soon to cater to schools with a bulldog mascot and would be similar to our first shirt in the Cock Pride Collection. We’ve recently put a shirt in stores in a boutique known as Swank, located on the square in downtown Jacksonville. We are working on many more and more to offer to different stores. Cock Pride hats will be released soon. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far and helping us make this something worth talking about. Keep an eye out for what we do next. If you don’t already like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter @harbour_trad, also, follow us on Instagram @Harbour_Traditions. We’re looking forward to working with y’all in the near future, thank you again and may God Bless!